How to Apply

Step 1: Wash, Dry and Style hair as usual.

Step 2: Hold the Eclipse container a few inches above the area and shake over desired areas with the bottle facing downward.

Step 3: While applying Eclipse use your other hand to guide you to the areas to be enhanced.

Step 4: Lightly pat down while dispersing to keep the fibers in place and to watch results as you are applying.

Step 5: Once satisfied with your coverage, finish with Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray for a natural looking hold and shine.

Can Eclipse be used with any hair type?
Eclipse works on all hair types. Fine to Coarse, Short to Long, Colored, Highlighted or Permed Hair

How do I apply Eclipse?
Applying Eclipse is an incredibly easy process for its effectiveness. For detailed instructions on how to apply Eclipse please see our “How to Apply” (link) section of our website.

Can I use Eclipse by myself?
Yes, you can apply Eclipse to your thinning areas by standing in front of a mirror.

How long does it take to apply Eclipse?
The time it takes to apply varies depending on the size of thinning area and your skill level. For very short hair it might only take a few seconds and then others could take up to several minutes. Once you get the feel for applying Eclipse the process should be fast and easy.

Can I comb my hair after applying Eclipse?
Yes. For best results, you should dry and style your hair before applying Eclipse. However you can still comb your hair afterwards, just use a wide toothed comb. It is more for shaping than fine grooming. You can also use your hand and fingers to pat your style into place.

How long does one application of Eclipse last?
Each application can last for days until you decide to remove it by shampooing your hair.

Does Eclipse work for facial hair, like beard and mustache?
No. Eclipse is for scalp hair only, not recommended for hair on other parts of your body.

Does Eclipse work for both men and women?
The answer is yes; Eclipse is equally effective for women as for men. In fact approximately 70% of our customers are female.

Does Eclipse work on Ethnic Hair?
Eclipse works great with all types of hair, ethnic hair included. In fact, the texture of the Fibers match very well with the texture of ethnic hair.

Will Eclipse fall out?
No. Eclipse hair fibers use micro-fiber technology that creates an instant bond to the natural hair when used.

Does Eclipse stain?
No. Eclipse fibers will not stain clothes, counter tops or floors if accidentally dropped onto any surface. Clean up is simple and easy with any cloth.

Do I need special shampoo to remove Eclipse?
No. You can use regular shampoo.

How many applications do I get from one bottle of Eclipse?
How many applications will depend on the amount of fiber used per application. The 14 Gram size should give approximately one month of application to an average user.

How many colors are there?
Eclipse hair fibers are offered in 10 different shades to match natural hair colors including: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon, grey and white.

How do I know what color of Eclipse will work best for me?

  • Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the thinning area. This is the color to order.
  • If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root color.
  • When in doubt, choose the darker shade. For example if you have trouble deciding between medium brown and light brown, choose medium brown.

Can I mix different colors of Eclipse?
Colors can absolutely be mixed. In fact, we encourage it in order to find the perfect color match for your hair; especially when working with blonde or grey hair. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of darker shade Eclipse, lightly pat your hair to disperse the product.

Step 2: Apply the lighter shade of Eclipse, again gently pat your hair to disperse the product.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 if necessary to get the desired coverage.

Does Eclipse cover gray or root re-growth?
Eclipse is a great way to cover both gray and root re-growth! It is an easy, effective way to cosmetically cover up both problems and will help to lengthen the life of your color.

Can I use hairspray with Eclipse?
Absolutely. Just be sure to use the Hairspray AFTER you apply the Eclipse Hair Fibers. We recommend using Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray to create a lasting bond between thinning hair and hair fibers.

Can I use Eclipse with other styling products?
Eclipse can absolutely be used with other styling products. It is recommended that styling products (other than hairspray) should be applied to the hair prior to applying Eclipse. Then apply fibers and finish with Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray.

Can I use Eclipse with a hairdryer/flat iron/curling iron?

It is recommended that Eclipse be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons and curling irons. Once your hair is styled, Eclipse should be used to complete your desired look and add thickness to your thinner areas.

Is Eclipse safe to use every day?
Yes, Eclipse is perfectly safe for daily application and will not irritate scalp.

Can I apply Eclipse to wet hair?
Eclipse is meant to be applied to dry hair. If hair is wet, the Fibers will not adhere and will clump together. So, for best results, always make sure your hair is dry first.

Can I sleep with Eclipse in my hair or does it need to be washed out every night?
Yes, you can leave Eclipse in your hair overnight. If you find a few stray fibers on your pillow case in the morning simply brush away.

If my hair gets wet or I get caught in the rain will Eclipse run, stain or smear?

Because of it's micro composition, once applied, the Eclipse fibers bond to your own thinning hair so securely that even strong blowing wind or light rain will not cause it to run, stain or smear.

Will Eclipse come off on my clothes/pillow/etc.?
Eclipse will not come off on clothes. Once applied, the Eclipse Fibers will be locked to your existing hair, ensuring a long-lasting look of thickness, especially if you finish with the Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray.

How long can I go without shampooing/how long will the Eclipse Fibers stay in?
Eclipse Fibers can stay in for up to a week if they aren’t shampooed out. Naturally, the Fibers may shift over the course of the week but, as always, can be easily touched up to reproduce your desired look.

Will Eclipse clog my pores?
Eclipse will not clog pores nor will it dry out the scalp. Eclipse Fibers are completely safe and will not create any unwanted reactions such as clogging of the pores.Eclipse 5 Steps 9-14